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Trying to nurture lists of purchased email adresses instead of forming inbound leads is the biggest consequence of misunderstanding marketing automation. We are here to help you understand and use marketing automation to create a long term solution leading you toward strong business relationships. In essence, marketing automation is the effort to stay in front of prospects in a personalized and cost effective way, while also saving you time by automating manual processes and improve sales results by not letting opportunites slip away.

The Reality

The reality of marketing automation is that marketers believe that it is an integral part of their lead generating process, so they purchase top of the line software to get them to where they need to be. However, having these tools really do not create leads. It is true that not having automated processes in place to keep in touch with customers could lead to less business, but knowing when and who to follow up with is vital.

How We Can Help

We help you venture outside of the bulky and expected email blasts and focus in on what marketing automation is really in place to do; create customers.

The key to marketing automation is tracking your leads not your whole email list because it's more than likely that not every contact will follow up with the service or product that you are offering. Keeping up with the contacts that do go further with your offer should be simple, and that's where we come in to help make that happen. We help put your company in the prospects' shoes so turning them into customers and following their progress with your business is easy.

The foundation of marketing automation is nurturing your prospects the entire way towards becoming a customer and even continuing doing so after that. It's about personalization not repitition and predictability. A quality marketing automation process will zone in on those who show potential to be a customer of your business and then make the potential buyer into a loyal customer.


Inbound ROI Cannot Be Denied

Marketing dollars have shifted away from traditional outlets like PR and cold calling.

As a result, businesses wanting to take advantage of ROI-charged online tactics like blogging, social
media and video production are going to outside agencies for help. These agencies can use their deep online experience to bring new results to your bottom line.


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