Chief Marketing Strategist

“Nino” brings a wide spectrum of experience to Avanti Vision. Though diverse, his background features a continuous theme of maximizing profits through the integration of technology and operations. Nino worked as the controller, then the Internet Marketing Manager for a leader in the wire and cable industry, and he also has an entrepreneurial background. He holds BS Degrees in accounting from St. Joseph's University. He also studied Computer Science at West Chester University and development at Penn State. His passion for solving business problems makes him a cornerstone of the Avanti Vision team.

Nino says: “I enjoy solving puzzles, playing poker, and (mostly classic) video games. I stay fit by pacing indoors and walking outdoors. I love Philly cheese steaks, sushi, working hard, playing guitar, and big bowls of ice cream. I don't like the last sip of beer, so I always leave it.”



Google AdWords Certified



Internet Marketing Expert

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